The awesomest, the naughtiest

While I was bullshitting about questioning the extent to which my generation has reflected on the past decade, a very good friend of mine was reproducing a show she did as a senior and Drama major at Tisch. So, last night I laughed until I cried watching The Machine Sketch Comedy perform i HATE the naughties!!! at Bowery Poetry Club.

The show is so brilliantly sculpted around what I remember about 9/11, the advent of youtube, the rise of social media during my most narcissistic years, and the absurdity and confusion of the political landscape, that I can’t imagine anyone over a certain age getting what feels like a huge inside joke. Concerned that the humor of a sketch-comedy musical focused with such precision on the Millennial coming of age experience might be lost on the older crowd, I conducted a very non-scientific survey of a few baby-boomers in the crowd who affirmed it was universally hilarious.

Exhibit A:


And I won two free drinks at the bar!


One thought on “The awesomest, the naughtiest

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