Fresh step

I’m not talking about kitty litter. I’m talking about how the logical first step of creating something is ontological.

Arrogant in my faith of science and reason, I was stirred by the suggestion in a recent piece by Gary Gutting in New York Times’ The Stone that “…justification–and therefore knowledge of the truth–is a social process.” I imagine this is why experts across and within fields have professional and academic conferences: to judge, convince, and converse with, peers.

My interest in Art stems in part from a fascination in the symbolic and literal different ways of seeing (Got Postmodernism?). Beau Lotto, in a 2009 TED talk discussing color, optical illusions, and how we physically see, says:

“…The brain didn’t actually evolve to see the world the way it is. We can’t. Instead, the brain evolved to see the world the way it was useful to see in the past. And how we see is by continually redefining normality.”

I very much like this idea that seeing and redefining normality are constant and continuous, personal and social, processes.

The truth is I don’t know if I want to publicly post my writings and musings on the internet, but I apparently set out with the ambitious goals of joining the conversation of pop internet intellectualism, and organizing the lazy thoughts I generally use to amuse only myself, while showering, commuting, bored.